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I wanna get into flatland BMXing. Where do i start, i already have a bike!! What tricks should i learn first, are there any good sites i can use to learn these tricks at!

cheers for any help
Matty uk  

05 Nov 2005 15:43
surely someone can shed some light on my problem???????


05 Nov 2005 22:12
no one i no does flatland here sorry  

05 Nov 2005 22:16
lol whoopadidooo  

05 Nov 2005 22:22
is flatland just tricks?  

06 Nov 2005 18:41



thats flatland. you just do stuff with the bike no jumps or nething  

06 Nov 2005 19:00
the best advice i think i can give is now you have a bike learn to balance it,spend as much time as you can on it ,you would be surprised how much you learn about your bike just from riding it, i think i learnt how to track stand and progressed from there,just remember that from doing this your building your own style of riding so do all the tricks that feel natural to you then when youve got a bit more confedence go for tricks that you have to work on a little bit and so on.i think the style of riding would be exactly what the name say flatland (any tricks on flatland) then link as many as you can together to make it look better  

06 Nov 2005 19:46

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