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hi im new to inline skate and how do u stop when ur going down a stiff hill really really fast


16 Feb 2003 15:07
Either T stop ( your back ksate goes sideways and the four wheels are slide ing accross the gound sideways this is the main way to stop

i have a weird way of stopping i usuall use it wen im just skating along but i used it last week down this huge f-off hill only it might brake ur ankle ~lol doubt it tho!~ u just ride up to a curb head on and simply stall onto it and that just stops u then u can jump back off and carry on...  

20 Dec 2003 19:29
For beginners i would use the T-stop as discribed above :D  

27 Jan 2004 15:41
new BMXer
if you play hockey hockey stop but you have to realy lean back
but be careful i broke my ankle doing it

if you dont play hockey try to learn to hockey stop at the hockey boards  

02 Feb 2004 01:21
do like i do jump into grass...hahaha...jk  

14 Apr 2004 23:14
well jump into grass and trust me it wont taste good.
i tried the curb stop but ended up flyin instead of stopping
the t is still the best or u can just push ur weight backwards to slow down which usually makes u fall
but the best and weirdest and pain as hell way to stop for me was
headon >>>>> pole that hurts but i did stop ^_^  

11 Nov 2005 19:36

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