whats the longest jump on a bmx??

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hi all..do any of you know the distance for the longest jump on a bmx if there is any?

what do you think of this?


its not me in the pic lol but a friend i know..was taken in 03 in a jam alot of me mates organised at our local park..as you can see from the yellow spray paint, the distance was always goin up lol  

08 Nov 2005 23:59
the longest jump from what i know is somewhat of around 60-70' done by robbie maranda.  

09 Nov 2005 00:10
wow really lol? do u have any info on it? any pics? how was it done?  

09 Nov 2005 00:28
i'll find the pic of him doing it. he overcleared his jump and tacoed his rim doing it tho.  

09 Nov 2005 00:32

09 Nov 2005 00:35
i was incorrect on my guess for robbie maranda. Colin Winkleman holds the record with 116'.

[COLOR=Blue]"On december 21st, 2000, Colin Winkelmann successfully jumped 13 Ford Expeditions at the Paramount Ranch outside of Malibu, California. The Guiness record for a power-assisted jump of 116'11" was documentated by the Guinness television crews. Colin Winkleman is the Guinness Book of World Record holder for longest BMX bicycle jump. Pulled by a motorcycle to get speed, Colin jumped 116' over 13 Ford Expeditions."[/COLOR]  

09 Nov 2005 00:57
mike escalima or something like that has the record ofr longest backflip. go to [url]www.expn.com[/url] and you can see video of it  

09 Nov 2005 15:44
Colin Winkleman is the Guinness Book of World Record holder for longest BMX bicycle jump-116' over 13 Ford Expeditions.And Allan Cooke world-record 54 foot backflip. But Colin Winklemanis dead now, he killed himself.  

09 Nov 2005 17:01
no, mike escalliama broke the record last summer. his is like 63 feet or soem rubbish  

11 Nov 2005 00:01

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