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whats the difference between Chainstay U-brake Mounts and Seatstay U-brake Mounts besides location on the frame? is one better than the other???  

09 Nov 2005 06:14
chainstay break mounts are worse then seat stay because of chain clearance problems. both provide the same breaking, not one is weaker nor stronger. the seatstay 990 mounts are just out of the way of the chain allowing you to run smaller gear ratios such as 36/13, 33/12, 30/11, 25/9, 23/8 or anyother small gear ratio.  

09 Nov 2005 06:19
oh i get it now. thanks a lot.
what gear ratio do u run?  

09 Nov 2005 06:41
race-45/14 (yea, i know its heuge)

09 Nov 2005 06:49
why dont u run something smaller than the 44/16?  

09 Nov 2005 19:02
i ran a 26/13 before but i like my 44/16. its what i'v always ridden and i motly do dirt so it doesnt matter if the gears are smaller or not. and weight is not an issue with me.  

09 Nov 2005 23:15

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