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Kody Hawk
Has anyone ever made their own skate vid? If so please reply and tell me how it came out because me and some of my buddies was wanting to make one and we could probably use some tips on what is good and what isn't. So holla back!!  

09 Nov 2005 19:09
i have made a few they came out good but thats also because i make real films as well so i knew how to edit really well and all that good stuff

what will you be editing on? what cameras do you guys have?  

10 Nov 2005 03:17
i use a dvd camcorder and its in some wierdo format that no ones ever heard of. im trying to convert it to mpeg but no program will support it. ive got it all edited and all that jazz but i want to add music.

its in .DVO format, any help?  

11 Nov 2005 18:23
Kody Hawk
I just asked a friend who is a wize at this stuff and he said he is not sure but i have a movie maker and editer at my house so i'll have to mess with it to figure it out. I've added music to mine before so i'll check the format closer this time around so if that helps any. My friend said mp3 but thats for regular CD's so try it out also.  

11 Nov 2005 18:52
those dvd cameras suck for this stuff those o more for film home movie and u hav a dvd not editing a`nd shit  

11 Nov 2005 19:44
i want to put it on a big dvd with a menu and crap. thats what i need help with  

11 Nov 2005 22:56
what programs are ypu working with?  

11 Nov 2005 23:24
ulead dvd shop. i can watch it but all the scene where i skate, it wont link them together. so i can only add music to a few second of it  

12 Nov 2005 05:58
try and download some adobe or buy just any movie editing sofware it should work  

12 Nov 2005 09:38
what would adobe do for me?  

13 Nov 2005 07:17
movie editing software so you can put the clips that you have on ulead and make a movie with music and such  

13 Nov 2005 07:18
Kody Hawk
what about some special effects to the vid? Like oh say I don't know invisable decks? I really don't care for it but just thought i would ask  

25 Nov 2005 01:58
i found a program that can convert dvo to avi. then ill just convert that to mpeg.

on ulead you can do all kinds of stuff, put your board on fire, take away your head, all kinds o funny stuff  

26 Nov 2005 02:15

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