your crank is stripped, and your pedal too, what do you do?

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weld your pedal to the crank! i'm a poor bastard right now, and i cant afford a new profile crank arm or new pedals. i have no clue how i stripped both, but i guess i did. btu to solve my problem, i welded it to the crank. and now it works perfectly.  

11 Nov 2005 05:08
did that happen when you jumped off the thing?  

11 Nov 2005 18:30
nah, it happened 3 weeks ago some how. i basicaly jumped that thing with 1 pedal ducttaped on. but i got tired of having to stop and pick up my pedal so i just welded it to the crank arm.  

11 Nov 2005 19:04
lol yea on my old cranks the pin that drives the sprocket broke in side the crank arm, but since i have lhd and rhd cranks we put the left crak arm on the right side and left arm on the right side and put a new bolt through but since my cranks were on the wrong sides my pedals would always unscrew and fall off  

12 Nov 2005 02:44
i only had my profiles for 3 months, but i think the fact of me running rhd cranks as lhd did it. i realy need to buy the lhd cranks. but i feel safe with the pedal welded in right now.  

12 Nov 2005 02:59

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