christ air for inline skates? michael jackson?

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oh well i was bored yesterday i drove down to the halfpipe
and there was this dude playin that song by alien ant farm the mj song copy
dunno wats the title.
so anyways.
i ran up to the stairs up the pipe and i saw this skater doin the christ air
i was like whoa awesome.
and i decided to try the new move michael jackson that i tot off
which was lame and dumb but it was damn funny

ok to those who wanna try
pump urself up the half pipe and try to get some good air round 3-4 feet
when u're up high use ur left hand to grab ur family assets and put ur right hand up and scream woooooo
it was kinda funny on tape
so i tried it again
a 360 michael jackson after few tries i nailed it it looked good but still funny.
remember when u're landing u might not want to push ur body too forward or too backwards coz forward u cud fall nasty and crunch yer own ballz
or too backwards wud lead into u sittin on yer private tooshy and u'd still crunch ur ballz. and remember u'd be landing a fakie

for christ air 2 feet air wud be best and 4 feet wud be best for a 360 christ air. <--- similair to that of a skateboard
ur body position shud be t < that way
the higher u go the better it looks
i tried to nail a 540 christ air i fell down and kinda bruised my left arm.
also remember u wont want to smash ur hands against the copping
coz that wud hurt alot <-- happened to my fren.
btw christ air is easy if u dun wana spin the moment u're above the copping and got ur air just spread out t shape.but for the spins its not so easy coz u'd be stiff straight and landing wud not be so easy. which i havnt nailed yet

if anyone cud pull of a backflip or a front flip christ pls tell me and teach me how
i'm sure it wud look awesome .

any opinions on how can i improvise this tricks to make it look better?
coz i kinda like the m.j haha it was funny  

11 Nov 2005 20:06

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