im getting a DK dayton

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im so exited to have just enough money for it and my bike hsop is gonna give me a deal on it  

12 Nov 2005 01:16
are you sponsored or just blokes with the guy?  

12 Nov 2005 05:57
no im not sponserd im just freinds with the guy hes gonna give it to me for $475 and no tax  

12 Nov 2005 09:34
the best deal i ever got was wheels,(SKATEBOARD WHEELS), for 20 bucks with no tax. i love that shop...but i had to pay toll on the way back so i deserved no tax or couldnt get back accross the tunnel  

13 Nov 2005 07:24
best deal i got was my race frame from my sponsor. i traded in 2 frames and a crank set (all old) that was only a total of maybe 25% the frame. luckfully i had a broken arm at the time and they changed my 20% discount to what is it, around a 75% discount. i loved it.  

13 Nov 2005 08:04

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