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chris bmxer
i have 2 big problems.when i am doing ollie my board is going in front of me and the second when i crash the tail to get my board boost the tail doesnt get out of the ground how i can fix that?  

12 Nov 2005 13:30
ollie one of the hardest trick to learn when u just started but its simple
pop the tail
slide ur front feet frontward to balance the board which wud make it go OLlieee oli oli oli ohh

about the falling part u cant help it coz hei tell me one trick that doesnt require fallin when ure learning rite?

same thing for the nollie
but ur front foot pops the tail and ur right one balance it out.

remember the harder u pop the higher it goes but also depends on how much u bend ur knees at that time and how fast u slide ur feet up.

i still think a pop shuv it is easier  

12 Nov 2005 14:46
ill learn to switch ollie and youll learn to ollie, well be going through it together  

13 Nov 2005 07:16
i had the same basic problem

but once u get it down its fun to show off to kids who role on a good board putting it to shame  

25 Mar 2006 05:33
those noobs get owned  

25 Mar 2006 08:32
no kiddn hahaha  

25 Mar 2006 20:16

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