too old to start?

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Is it too old to start BMX'ing at 16. Like People start at 3 or 5 :|  

12 Nov 2005 15:47
oh no way dude its never to late to start  

12 Nov 2005 17:46
i started at 14, and ya its never to late to start  

12 Nov 2005 20:17
hell no! 16 is not too late to start. my dad started riding when he was 41 and no he is 46 and still riding.  

12 Nov 2005 22:08
iwas a dirt jumper through school then stoped when i got a job, for some strange reason i thought it would be the best thing to do at the time, but one day i was watching the biking on extreme sports and dicided to check out some old riding spots. i started back at riding when i was 20, im 22 now and still loving the biking somtimes i think its the only thing that keeps me sain.  

12 Nov 2005 23:15
theres one downside to that, when you go to parks people'll think youre all good and stuff know.

dont let that get to you  

13 Nov 2005 07:13

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