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This is a question from a kid that loves to snowboard but has thoes cheap boards that you kick your feet into and if you rotate over a 180 your feet come lose. anyways i would like to know whats a good board for a beginner like me? im about 5' or 5'1" if that helps.  

17 Feb 2003 19:45
Well It is hard to say what kind of board to get. I would suggest not getting a board until you get the hang of snowboarding. If you do (have the hang of it) then you should try demo-ing several boards to see what feels rigth to you. I know it took me a while to find the right board. Also since it is almost the end of the season there will be alot of used boards that you can pick from.  

10 Mar 2003 12:21
well man, i would say that you definately need to be choosey about your ride, and especially your boots, they are the most important piece of equipment in the snowboard assembly. if your not comfortable with your boots, then alot of other things will effect the perfomance of riding. If your heavy set, get a wider board, or if you have big feet, get a wider board, toe draggings a bitch, and with your height, you basically want your board to come in between your shoulders and to the bottom of your nose (board standing up next to you)
And if you like riding fast and cutting curves, an alpine board is good for you, b/c they have a flat back and raised bindings (on some) to increase cutting ability, but you like the tricks and the free-style, go for like an all mountain contruction, with like a decent amount of flex and yet stiffness to account for those hard landings. Other than that, be very choosey about this, this sport is verrryyy personal, and it requires maximum comfort, b/c if your not comfortable out there, you could break somethin, and that..would suk .. alright, i've done enough damage here, good luck man finding your stuff!  

19 Dec 2003 01:00
Good advice there Maximus... Welcome abroad... :wink:  

19 Dec 2003 01:21
THanx man, so do you have any ideas on how to take a jump, b/c i would like some advice on it, after getting "air" i have a hard time controlling to board afterward, so i fall, any tips on this ???, i guess i just might have to lean foward, i kinda sound stupid right now, but definately would like to see some pointers to those who know my pain. pc :D  

20 Dec 2003 03:06
Hey Maximus, first of all, welcome to the boards...

To ollie off a jump, stay low with your knees bent as you approach the jump. Then, just as you are about to take off, spring off the tail of your snowboard while you lift up with your front foot. As you ascend into the air, bring both knees up toward your chest to continue your upward momentum. A good amount of speed combined with a good ollie is the key to going big on a snowboard. Extend your legs to land and ride away smooth!

a couple tips;
* Avoid speed checking -- turning to shed speed on your way to the jump. Instead, start from a lower spot to avoid too much speed and aim straight at the jump.
* Practice ollies on flat ground, then on rollers and other bumps in the snow until you are very comfortable with how they feel.
* Focus first on going big, then add in a grab or a trick once you are comfortable on the jump.
* As you land, focus on riding straight for a short while before you start turning to stop or slow down.

Hope it helps :wink:  

21 Dec 2003 13:25
i think u should get a burton punch, or a burton chopper as a starter for a 5'1. i like jumping :)  

26 Dec 2003 03:30
Hey Jack_of_oregon, welcome to the boards! :wink:  

26 Dec 2003 20:27

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