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easy fella hows ya new site going ,ive noticed that your getting new members all the time,how often do ya download new stuff on to it  

12 Nov 2005 23:19
i dont have to download anything to it. its going fine, i think. but i'm trying to get vbulletin do it will b better.  

13 Nov 2005 01:00
i joined ur site, but i couldnt post a thread cos i couldnt find the tool for it. then i got an email sayin that i would be cut off if i didnt participate. could you tell me how to use ur site.  

14 Nov 2005 00:14
i wont delete ne1 from it. i just wanted to scare ppl. there is a reply button at the top of the tread or u can use the quick reply at the bottom.  

14 Nov 2005 00:44
thanx man, its quite hard to make a thread  

14 Nov 2005 00:47

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