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down south bmx is a bmx organization for the southerm eastcoast of the united states. It is full of very nice people and riders. they have/had a site, [url][/url] that was rider owned and created. they had absoulutely no ad's and made no profit from it. their web host registered the site name under them selves and not the origianl owners, and then within a few years the web hosting company went out of buiness. the 30 day grace period that there was for the owner to register the site again went by, and instead of being 30 days, it turned into 2 months. as soon as the name was available, the creators of dsbmx tried to buy the name back, but it continued to show that the site was owned already. some how, the site was legaly stolen away from them by some jackass who does not use it for its main purpose, bmx, but for pay-par-click revenue. for months, the creators have been trying to buy the domain name back, and after a while of email tag with the jackass who bought it, they have been given a price to buy it back. $475. it may not seem like much but they pay for it out of thier own pockets and only loose money, not gain. down south bmx is truely in need of help and support. please check them out and support them at [][/URL]  

13 Nov 2005 04:52

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