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Ok down the bottom of my garden I'm planning on building a half pipe prob a 6 foot one. What do u guys rekon I should make it out of?  

15 Nov 2005 23:54
do you plan on spending upwards of $800? because a 6' halfpipe that will usualy have 6' in width and 5' transitions run very expensive.  

16 Nov 2005 00:01
uummmmm wood........ what else?  

16 Nov 2005 03:38
prolly wood lol  

16 Nov 2005 06:51
you could make it basically for free if you font mind stealing wood

ive made so many ramps with free wood....and free nails  

16 Nov 2005 06:56
4x4 ft plywood. two layers and 2x4's in the back every 6ins to keep it from dying. if its going to be indoor, put a layer of masonite on top of the two layers of plywood  

16 Nov 2005 19:48
i strongly do not recomend wood. wood rotes over time even if wood protection is put on, wood scratches and damages eaisly, and to keep maintained is very expensive, i recomemd steal with a wooden undercoat for spring and a steal frame. good luck and keep me formed  

16 Nov 2005 20:39
if you use steel for the pipe, it will cost at least $1000 and also steel is slippy , my local park has steel qurter pipes and if you make a wrong turn you slide all the way down  

16 Nov 2005 21:24
steel for a halfpipe will never cost $1000. if it did ide have many. atleast for a steel halfpipe it would be 10,000 for me with my welders discount at suply shops but for an average person, probably 15,000.  

17 Nov 2005 00:19
im telling you steal wood make a decent one when it breaks build a new one  

17 Nov 2005 02:49
you dont even have to steal wood. just go around on trash day and take all the wood you find. it doesnt have to be perfect as long as its ridable. but if you want a nice one its alot of money.  

17 Nov 2005 02:55
i hate steel ramps, when you fall youre out for a week. its not cool  

17 Nov 2005 15:43
if u want something cheep and easy use the wood and steel but if u want strong and going to last save up, and slippery, its only slippery when wet if u know how to ride it its not slippery  

17 Nov 2005 16:23

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