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Is the odyssey elementary stem a flatland stem? cause im lookin to buy one but if theyre for flatland i guess ill have to decide on a new one.  

16 Nov 2005 07:18
dont take my word for this but for street stuff it dosnt look like its that strong  

16 Nov 2005 07:23
alrite thanx.  

16 Nov 2005 07:44
that stem is one of the best all rounders it's mot only strong but is 1 of the lightest stems out there i have a few friends who ride with it and are very happy trust me and buy 1  

16 Nov 2005 17:35
i dont know if u got my prev message but seriously its the best its half the weight of a normal stem and is said to be stonger than other stems to its the same price aswell try them thanx and keep posted on what u do  

17 Nov 2005 16:29
i say u buy it koob cuz then if u like it and its strong and decent ill buy it too lol  

17 Nov 2005 23:00
thanx bicykiller im most likly goin to buy it once my freind pays me the money he owes me. thanx for the info  

19 Nov 2005 23:18
the stem is good. i just fixed a bike with one on it and it was hard as hell (good). with the single bolt system it seems like it would be dificult to get the bars and stem correct, but infact its easy. the one bolt loosens the bars and steerer tube but with teh little bit of loosness needed for the stem to move, you would be an idiot to turn the bolt almost all the way out to do that and infact that is needed for the bars. so it is a very good system.  

20 Nov 2005 02:25
hey man i hear u are gonna get 1 cool cool they really awsome and ive been thinking about it and i will probally get 1 to its just so strong. There is only 1 complaint. the single bolt design is very strong and if tightend to much will actually crush the bars so when u first tighten the bars on the stem make sure u dont over tighten them.  

21 Nov 2005 19:57

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