Any sugestions on kickflipin?

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I've been triin to do kickflips for a wile now and when i go to flip it my back foots alredy on the ground.ggggggrrrrrrrrrrr i need help majerly  

18 Feb 2003 22:19
I had the same problem when I started to learn kick flips. Just concentrate on getting your back foot off the ground. Jump as high as you can to prevent your back foot from landing on the ground before anything else.  

05 May 2003 18:46
i have been trying to kickflip for a while now and I always get my opposite foot at the back of the board but I can never land my other foot on the board and when I try to jump in the air a kickflip i only flip around a little bit....I seriously need help.  

30 Dec 2003 05:41
the best way to kick flip is think of doing a double or tripple gud luk  

02 Mar 2004 13:56

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