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hey rejectbmxer im looking for something lite and strong price doesent matter and i have come across 2 rims i like hula hoop and odyssey hazard lite wich one u think better cause im building up a new bike .  

16 Nov 2005 18:59
hazard lite. but only get chrome rims if you want your brakes to work. but if you like black and price is no problem, the odyssey duralectra is the same as the hazard lite but with a black anodized coating which is basicaly black chrome.  

17 Nov 2005 00:54
thanx . if u want good breaking with a black hula hoop just run the diatech hombre breaks their even better than running it to a crome rim.really my friend runs it like that their better than v breaks  

17 Nov 2005 16:25

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