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any1 here wach south park? if so wacha think of it?  

18 Feb 2003 22:27
one word - [b]awesome![/b]
my favorite tv show of all time!!
welcome to the boards btw. :wink:  

19 Feb 2003 05:58
South Park has pretty much died off now though?
Is it still being made?

M D  

08 Mar 2003 22:00
i think so

on channel four [size=2](england) [/size] they're showing episodes i havn't seen before when butters is instead of kenny because for sum reason he died and never came back lol..  

21 Dec 2003 17:54
Have you guys seen the episode where we get to see Kenny's face? It was damn funny...  

21 Dec 2003 18:16
he does that in the movie and he sounds like stan  

21 Dec 2003 18:20
hay bacardi the south park show on channel 4 is the new and proberly last series :P :P :P its the one with the computer graphics on the intro  

17 Mar 2004 11:32
I watch it. Well on and off, like if it is on i will watch it of cource if i remember. I like it. Its a great show. :D :P  

31 Mar 2004 18:43
its definately one of the greatest shows ever creaed i download so many episodes of it  

16 Jul 2004 17:21
its good but not as good as the simpsons  

16 Jul 2004 20:24
yea the simpsons are definately a classic  

17 Jul 2004 04:06
hopefully there is a simpson movie  

17 Jul 2004 20:05
yea that would be awsome they should make one. it most be hard tho 2 think of new episodes cause theve done so much  

17 Jul 2004 21:26

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