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[COLOR=Magenta]thats a DK Dayton your lookin at there[/COLOR]
[url][/url][COLOR=DarkRed]you gotta love the spike valve caps[/COLOR] [url][/url]  

22 Nov 2005 04:59
hey man thats a really cool ride. what components do u have on the bike  

22 Nov 2005 14:04
i do like those spike valve things  

22 Nov 2005 15:27
its a DK dayton basically stock still

it has
dk trail stem
dk iron cross sproket
dk vice grips
dk dundy pegs
tektro brakes
maxxis miracle tires
sun rims

yea iono everything its just stock now  

22 Nov 2005 17:42
guess thats why its all black?  

22 Nov 2005 19:24
yea when i can aford it ima start making it a black and red theme  

23 Nov 2005 02:46
why not pink? i'm gunna be painting my new frame pink soon. its already missing most of the paint. lol.  

23 Nov 2005 03:22
im painting my new bike pink too  

23 Nov 2005 19:56
real men wear pink  

25 Nov 2005 00:06
not always, it may be true sometimes, but we cant rule out the fact that gay guys wear pink too!  

26 Nov 2005 14:17
my mongoose outer limit owns all ur bikes so go light urself on fire  

30 Nov 2005 04:09
[QUOTE=TuBz101]my mongoose outer limit owns all ur bikes so go light urself on fire[/QUOTE]
please, dude, shut the fuck up!!! mongoose's are all shit bikes that are sold in target and walmarts, even the hall signature is. and they are all cheap bikes. the dk dayton has so much better parts that anyone who takes pride in a mongoose can afford and even knows what they are. why dont you go light your self on fire, and oh yea, [SIZE=7]SHUT THE FUCK UP!!![/SIZE]  

30 Nov 2005 04:16
[QUOTE=TuBz101]my mongoose outer limit owns all ur bikes so go light urself on fire[/QUOTE]

wait wait do you mean the mongoose outer limits that yu can buy at wal mart for $78.99 is better then my dk dayton for $500 at any respectable bike shop? Ok well maybe your bike is better then mine. . . . my old free agent which was $300. Yea sorry im going to have to go with my bikes are better then yours. Not to mention the several hundred spent on upgrades  

30 Nov 2005 04:30
here's some more of my 2 cents. now before you say my bike sucks, take a long hard think. your $80 pos compared to my $3987.67 kick ass bike. yes, that is the correct price of mine, so shut the fuck up.  

30 Nov 2005 04:41
LMAO, an 80 dollar bike. hes a noob  

30 Nov 2005 15:25
firstly, whats a noob? and secondly, Tubz your an idiot, an $80 bike is worth jack. your bike is obviously shit, your obviously lying about your sponsorship and the fact that you can bunnyhop 3ft and you have an attitude problem. get a life and get the fuck off this forum and ride your shit bike  

30 Nov 2005 21:09
a noob is a noobie. or in otherwords, a complete jackass who know's absolutely nothing about bmx.  

30 Nov 2005 21:47
that makes sense.  

30 Nov 2005 23:33
well a noob could be cool

i mean if you are new to bmx but you really wanna practice and get good and your nice and stuff thats cool  

01 Dec 2005 00:06
it is fun sometimes, i cant wait to raise some little nooblets of my own and show them the way of the board. lmao  

01 Dec 2005 04:54
[QUOTE=bobe]it is fun sometimes, i cant wait to raise some little nooblets of my own and show them the way of the board. lmao[/QUOTE]
just wait till my noob's come to this world. with their little souls i will rule the world!!! muuuuuuuhahahahaha.

lol. :)  

01 Dec 2005 04:56
me and reject have already done it, its so cool to watch them progress  

01 Dec 2005 11:21
otherwise why would you do it?  

01 Dec 2005 15:29
theres no other reason for it  

01 Dec 2005 21:46
except for tax cuts, but then again that in america  

01 Dec 2005 22:42
[QUOTE=ram-man]me and reject have already done it, its so cool to watch them progress[/QUOTE]
i've done what? if you think i have kids, whoa! hold on, i'm only 16.  

01 Dec 2005 23:54
ram said he was 15 too, so idk wth hes talking about  

02 Dec 2005 01:30
wait are we talking about tax cuts for helping kids bike? wtf im so confused  

02 Dec 2005 03:50
we're all confused.  

02 Dec 2005 05:50
lets just abandon it..idk what im talking about, back to the topic

is your bike good now youve riden it?  

02 Dec 2005 15:30
oh yes i like it very much  

02 Dec 2005 18:57
whatd you do with your old one? sell it or throw it?  

02 Dec 2005 19:14
you sell old parts. never throw them away. NEVER! if you can make $10 off of an old frame and thats it, its better then nothing.  

02 Dec 2005 19:21
yea dude i never throw away old stuff i hate when people do that

no im just keeping it incase i need a bake up when mines broken or something or for a freind if they dont have anything to ride for the day or w/e  

02 Dec 2005 22:11
thats a good idea, keeping is just in case...  

03 Dec 2005 00:50
yup that way if i ever get a flat or i brake a w/e and i cant fix it right away i have something to ride in the meantime. granted its not as good but its better than nothing  

03 Dec 2005 02:03
thats what i did with my old element board, i only needed it once and i kept me in a competition, whew  

03 Dec 2005 02:54
i used to cary a skateboard around when i would go street riding. they make the darndest ramps when u put em up against somthin. :D  

03 Dec 2005 04:04
hhmm i never thot about that

how did u set them down? like a complete or just deck?  

03 Dec 2005 04:15
complete. just slam the trucks into some dirt.  

03 Dec 2005 04:17
intresting ill have to comendear (did i spell that right) one of my freinds boards next time were out  

03 Dec 2005 04:19
dont the contours on the board make it wobble when you ride up it though  

03 Dec 2005 14:58
prolly btu im guessing nto enough for you to notice  

03 Dec 2005 19:36
just get a no name board with no concave from like walmart  

03 Dec 2005 20:54
but that means buying a $30 piece of wood when i can get a pieceof wood for free from a construction site  

03 Dec 2005 20:55
wow that does sound like a kick ass idea. i will try that  

03 Dec 2005 21:11
the board will wobble a bit but if you are actualy jumping, go around lets say, 20mph, you wont feel it. and its best to get a board with a concave because it acts as a lip.  

03 Dec 2005 22:39
that sounds liek a fun little thing to do ima have to try it  

03 Dec 2005 22:46
the thing i used it for was set on a little dirt hill infront of a 4' high concrete sign for some office building and i fufanued, well, atleast tried to. its kind of hard to when your breaks suck ass.  

03 Dec 2005 22:51
how do u set up the board, length wise or width  

03 Dec 2005 23:04
from what i got its width u jump the width  

03 Dec 2005 23:06
i jump it length wise, not width. the concave just helps because when the board bends like it is forming a lip, it is alittle bit stronger.  

04 Dec 2005 06:20
juist what i said yup length mmhhmmm said it a while ago lol  

04 Dec 2005 06:51

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