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If i wanted to paint my bike i would use a airbrush right?
Kinda want to paint my bike for next summer.  

23 Nov 2005 06:28
yeah but you can just use spraypaint, but make sure you use it from a distance, otherwise it will drip  

23 Nov 2005 19:15
how much could u get a decent airbrush for  

23 Nov 2005 22:11
an airbrush would take forever to paint a frame, let alone a bike with. you might mean a paintgun, not an airbrush. airbrushes are those tiny little paintguns that people to flames and other shit with. for a paintgun you need an aircompressor with atleast 115 psi output. the guns usualy cost about $150 to buy and the paint for them is usualy $30 a half gallon. spray paint will work if you want a shitty job that will flake off over time. the best bet would to just take it to a motorcyle shop or some other place that painst professionaly and have them do that. that is what i'm going to be doing when i have my frame painted pink. yea, thats right, [COLOR=Magenta]PINK[/COLOR].  

24 Nov 2005 00:59
how much does that cost tho  

24 Nov 2005 01:43
it usualy depends on the place. i can give a plosible estimation though. somewhere between $30-$50 depeneding on the amount of parts painted and then the price of the labor and taxes that would be added. so somewhere between $60-$100. maybe more, maybe less.  

24 Nov 2005 04:11
ic, i might have to think about that  

24 Nov 2005 04:42
and plus anyways, its just paint. i know some people care about it but its just going to be ground, scraped, and chipped off in a short while. 3 days after i got my new frame there is barealy any paint left in the chainstays, seatstays, and bottom of the downtube.  

24 Nov 2005 04:53
ya thats true  

24 Nov 2005 05:39

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