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Have you skated the skate park made of cemment in Citrus Hights. It has nice things to skate.  

24 Nov 2005 07:32
i dont do inline but, on a skateboard, i dont do concrete, my number 2 enemy right next to steel ramps.  

25 Nov 2005 00:14
some nasty scratches, bruises, cuts, grazes from concrete  

27 Nov 2005 12:34
it shortens you board lifer too cause it just rips your board apart  

04 Dec 2005 21:33
how can you not skate on concrete.......are you telling me you dont skate outside your house or something?  

19 Dec 2005 20:18
i hate concrete parks, i dont want to fall on a concrete halfpipe, no way. i want to fall on wood  

20 Dec 2005 22:01

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