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how in the heck do u guys trow around all that metal? its insane!!!!!!!!!!  

18 Feb 2003 22:34
It is a lot easier than you think. Most bikes are pretty lite, and practicing things makes it look easier than it is.  

27 Feb 2003 13:14
we got big muscles unlike sk8ers who jus kick a piece of wood around  

19 Feb 2004 12:42
jump off a ramp into water or a foam pit or just clear somehting big and you well see  

02 Apr 2004 14:49
The key to riding is a correctly sized frame and a bike that is comfortable for you. If you have a well-fitting bike, you will learn to throw it around quickly.  

05 Apr 2004 02:17
[b][color=red]What do you guys mean by "throw it around"?[/color][/b]  

05 Apr 2004 02:44
lame dogg
the trick is to throw the bike then hold on tight it will usually throw you around just as much lol :) :D :o :lol:  

20 Apr 2004 05:20
We eat our 5 fruits and vegetables a day, and som like to lift, i dont do that shit  

23 Apr 2004 00:29
once yer comfortable on your bike the limits will be pushed so will the doctor bills  

10 May 2004 08:12

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