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Hi, im starting to get into bmx but i am riding my brothers all the time due to my lack of bike can u recomend eny good bikes to start with. about 200 to 300 pound p.s wat are the pros. and cons. of not having a front break
thanks lots
carlsberg :)  

26 Nov 2005 02:46
there not really anything bad or good about not having front breaks, its just one of those things  

26 Nov 2005 03:11
how many us dollars is that?

yea front brakes there not really needed at all just kinda extra stuff that can break  

26 Nov 2005 04:02
ya me n all my friends dont have front breaks, plus its less weight not having one lol  

26 Nov 2005 04:36
front brakes are only for flatlanders. people only use theme because fags like dave mirra do.  

26 Nov 2005 05:23
true true lol  

26 Nov 2005 10:02
[QUOTE=spaztix]how many us dollars is that?

yea front brakes there not really needed at all just kinda extra stuff that can break[/QUOTE]

its about $450 - $680  

26 Nov 2005 14:11
should i run a gyro or just a long cable :???:  

26 Nov 2005 21:37
i have a long cable, and im happy with it  

26 Nov 2005 21:43
gyro is so hard to get ur brakes to work well  

27 Nov 2005 02:31
i say u go with the long cable, its more responsive and easy to adjust  

27 Nov 2005 03:43
i mean if you see a good bike with gyro buy it you can always switch i to a straight cable later  

27 Nov 2005 07:36
i have a giro and my brakes are really strong, it might just be me  

27 Nov 2005 11:53
i hav narowed down my choise to a we the people addict 06 or a mongoose mcCann and im cind of leaning twards the goose, bots biks come with 2 pegs could i just bolt on some aftermarket ones on the other side  

27 Nov 2005 17:38
dude get the we the people

yes you can always add more pegs  

27 Nov 2005 18:55
ya definitly get the we the people  

27 Nov 2005 20:34
y the we the people? :???:  

28 Nov 2005 18:45
because mongoose is a horrible bike company  

29 Nov 2005 03:56
hey carlsberg do u get the compete fit bikes were u stay as those are really good value for money but if u have narrowed it down to the mongoose or we the ppl go for the we the people cause their lighter stronger and u wont have to upgrade the components alll the time as with the mongoose its heavy as hell cheap shitty components the only good thing is the frame and the design of the rear breakes the way they are mounted buy the we the ppl they are really great bikes

Hey and welcome to BMXING  

29 Nov 2005 11:58
thanks lots for the help everyone :) christmass is comming so if all goes well ther'l be a we the people under the tree thanks again byyyyyyyyyyyyyy :!:  

29 Nov 2005 21:02
my birthday and christmas is coming  

30 Nov 2005 15:25
yay how old are you going to be  

30 Nov 2005 19:25
ill be 15, the only right i really want to do is go skate in freedom plaza, i love dc's background music while you skate  

30 Nov 2005 19:29
how old are you spaz  

30 Nov 2005 20:54
im 16 yourself?  

01 Dec 2005 00:08
he had a birthday about 2 weeks ago or something  

01 Dec 2005 04:55
[QUOTE=spaztix]im 16 yourself?[/QUOTE] im 14 nearly 15  

01 Dec 2005 11:22
you remind me of me, now oyu actually are my bloke  

01 Dec 2005 15:30
do you actually realise your not making any sense when you say "your my bloke", but it is pretty funny. wher abouts in the U.S do you live now  

01 Dec 2005 21:45
well whatever, i saw on the other thread, just, i can call you a friend, ok?  

01 Dec 2005 22:45

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