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you cant say hes some faggot and sucks if you do ytour just jelous because hes way better then you and made more money then you

without him the sport would not be the way it is he has done alot

and harro is a good company iono why peole hate it so much just cause mirra is famous?  

26 Nov 2005 10:20
haro is a good company. but i han no reason to be jealous of him, cause i consider that an insult. i forgot which issue of transworld bmx had an interview with him, it was probably 2 years ago before they ceased publication, but he stated that the only reason why he rides is for the money and to proove the people who said he cant go anywhere with bmx wrong. he is talented, but anyone who goes off and cry's after not winning, that drags the sport down. and you're right, with out him, this sport wouldnt be how it is today, it would be much better.  

26 Nov 2005 21:05
oh come on. dave mirra wins just cause hes dave mirra. i remember the dew tour where he won the second to last stop i think it was. even my mom said scotty shouldve won, scotty kicked his ass  

26 Nov 2005 21:39
yea, and like the '05 summer x-games. he shouldn't have won park. cause i mean, come on, how could a shitty ass run with 2 crashes beat that flawless run by whats his name, ryan something, which had a fucking turndown frontflip over that step up and that switch-footed 360 whip? i'll tell you why, the x-games are rigged. thats why i passed up my last 2 runs in the '02 x-trials at vans skatepark. and dave mirra always wins because he brings good publicity and he's well known which will bring more viewers. its not teh good old days anymore where the sports were actualy treated as sports, not jobs.  

28 Nov 2005 01:10
i can say his name but i cant spell it, i think its ryan guettler.

on the dew tour scotty did a 360 front flip up a step up and daves trick was a tailwhip flair...wtf?  

28 Nov 2005 15:31
yea. ryan geuttler. when i saw that best trick competition or what ever it was on t.v. i stopped wathing it. i lost all hope in the future of the sport but luckfully i went out and rode some. fucking bastards, FUCKING DAVE MIRRA!  

28 Nov 2005 23:44
hes kinda old he should retire before the next x games and replaced by scotty  

29 Nov 2005 15:24

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