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im new at bmxing and i cant master the bunnyhop any tips i tried it last week and fractured my foot :-( :oops: :???: :-?  

27 Nov 2005 12:16
we've had this thread about a million times, but. to bunny hop what i do is: pull up with your arms so your wheel is about half a foot from the ground, then when your front wheel is at the peak of its height, point your toes to the ground and lift with your legs. in time it will be the easiest thing ever....... try to start off small and get higher because then it feels more natural. have fun  

27 Nov 2005 12:25
this forum seriously needs a stickyed "how to bunnyhop" thread.  

28 Nov 2005 01:07
[url][/url] they have how tos  

28 Nov 2005 02:02

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