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ok today me and my mate are seeing who can do the best trick on a kicker. First my friend says if he mannys the funbox in three goes i have to kickflip the kicker in three goes. So on the 2nd try my mate mannys the funbox, how its my go. (so i cant kickflip and i have been trying for ages on flat but i still can't do it) First go and i stacked it, 2nd go stacked it. Now its my last go and my mate is jumping around saying hes going to win, so i go down the flatbank and up the kicker and pull the kickflip. HOW RANDOM IS THAT!  

27 Nov 2005 23:13
what was he going to win? just the satisfaction of knowing he won? and why did you have the harder trick?  

28 Nov 2005 15:34
coz it was a random games u ponse  

28 Nov 2005 21:03
pretty stupid game  

29 Nov 2005 15:26
yea that seems kinda stupid i must say  

29 Nov 2005 19:03
LOL, that guy is real stupid, manual vs kickflip??????????  

29 Nov 2005 19:19

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