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hey i now wen u first get started u fall down. any1 got some good size scars from it  

18 Feb 2003 22:43
yeah i have a whole bunch of scars man, i have some from one wreck taht go for aobut 6 inches on my left arm, i also have lots of them on my legs, dang pedal slips. Most of mine are from around 6 years ago though, so they have faded a lot, but they are still good for stories.

20 Feb 2003 04:55
high flier
i have a nice scar on my knee from about 3 years ago. i split the whole knee and ripped all the ligiments. it took 6 months to heal. i was preety bummed taht i could'nt ride for that time. i lost a lot of skill due to it, but i got most of it back now.  

26 Feb 2003 17:27
i got one on my knee huge huge scar from dicking around with those little kids four wheelers and a bike.  

31 Dec 2003 11:06
[quote=geryuu]i got one on my knee huge huge scar from dicking around with those little kids four wheelers and a bike.[/quote]

OUCH! Welcome to the boards mike! :wink:  

31 Dec 2003 12:02
Yea I got a few, My knees look like a road map of Britain he he he .
I’ve got one under my left eye fron where I stacked, and my shades dug into my face and four circular ones on my left wrist, where I went over the bars and mashed up my wrist completely.
Had to have four pins in it to put it back together :(  

20 Jan 2004 13:07
scars r the best ive got 1 on me knee circle i was trying a tailwhip n i landed wrong n me knee landed on me peg had 2 have 5 pints till the pain went away  

26 Jan 2004 10:14
who actually cares its all apart of ridin get ova it  

18 Feb 2004 23:09
ya man i got scars on my legs from pedal bite :shock: ouch adn if you feel up my leg where the bone is its all bumpy really sick  

23 Mar 2004 06:28
i got dots on my legs from riding with shorts and pedal slipped and its happend alot and some other shit but the worst one is on my lip i face planted and broke my tooth and it got stuck in my lip but nothing to bad its all part of the game  

02 Apr 2004 14:58
I flew over a bridge in a forest one of those wooden ones. I got this really odd circle scar on my arm with a bunch of lines that come out lol. 3D. LOL... I ddint cut my hands since i was wearing fox dirt paws. Got a huge oval scar on the back of my leg, cut myself on my rear tire from going on my pegs.  

02 Apr 2004 18:37
some little crap on my legs n arms.. average but i gota big 1 on me knee from landing on a garden stake 7 years ago  

20 May 2004 13:20
I have a whole bunch on my shins (I remember actually having to almost pry the pedal pins from my leg once). I just got one on my elbow.

I've been riding for two and a half years and I still fall all the time.  

22 May 2004 05:55
I have a scar on my knee, from 2 days ago, and it really hurts when I touch it, but i think it might go away. And my skin pilled off from my foot lol.  

23 Jun 2007 19:19
[IMG][/IMG]< Thats my scar m8. Its from when one of the rails cut me and it went all across lol it was weird m8:p  

06 Jul 2007 22:40
i have one on my arm, pretty big.  

11 Jul 2007 00:35
my shins are pretty beat up(stupid metal pedals) so now i wear shin gaurds(and knee)  

01 Aug 2007 19:43
theres is not 1 spot on my shin without bruises scars  

05 Aug 2007 20:11
I have a killer one on my back ill post some pics tomora  

07 Apr 2008 22:10

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