You know what really grinds my gears?

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this thread is for talking about all the stuff you hate, and dont say i dont like bmx1025 or anything...ill start

you know what really grinds my gears? when youre in school and someone doesnt have a pen, so they ask the teacher if they have a pen they could use. then the teacher stops everything and asks the whole class and says, "does anyone have a pen he/she could borrow?". that just ticks me off. doesnt it?  

02 Dec 2005 19:18
Y'no what really grinds my gears, fat people...................and homework  

02 Dec 2005 19:43
i hate kids who ask a million stupid question in class

like the teacher says "homework is due next tuesday" kid "whens the homework due?"  

02 Dec 2005 22:13
that and when the teachers asks that question. "whens the homework due class?" "whens our test class?"  

03 Dec 2005 02:20
yea yea man i hate that

also my history teacher if like 2 people are talking he assigns a shit load of homework  

03 Dec 2005 02:21
you know what really grinds my gears? lifeguards, something happens, they blow thier whistle and they point in your direction. youre standing there like wait what? is it me? or him? i hate that  

03 Dec 2005 02:27
rent a cops man i could go on for hours about those guys they really need to grow up and get a real job  

03 Dec 2005 02:28
whats that? ive heard it before but idk 4sure what it is

did you delete me from your space?  

03 Dec 2005 02:30
there just like the securityy guards and stuff like wih the plastic badges

no i deleted my myspace  

03 Dec 2005 02:32
oh those guys that have no life.  

03 Dec 2005 02:36
you know what really grinds my gears? those idiots that have those dumb stickers that say "my child is an honor student". those parents need to get a clue that putting that sticker on your car is useless because the parents of the honor student is the only one that fucking cares  

08 Dec 2005 22:29
theres a skateshop near me called val surf they have bumber stickers that say "my child can skateboard better than your honor student" there so funny  

09 Dec 2005 03:54
oh yeah, i just saw that like 2 weeks ago. ive also seen "my football playing kid beats up your honor student". well worth the two bucks.  

09 Dec 2005 17:50
those stickers are hilarious lol  

09 Dec 2005 22:22
you know what really grinds my gears? disney, thier unfunny shows are for the rich white catholic who are so protected that they cant watch any other channel. i hate thier stupid shows  

13 Dec 2005 15:28
cape boy
lol hey dont dis on the security gaurds, they have waited their whole life and finaly achived there stupid ass goal, shows charecter (and stupid assness)  

05 Jan 2006 01:27
did you house die mr. st.louis?  

05 Jan 2006 15:37

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