who's got scars?

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i now personaly that wen u start skatin u fall down! any1 got any scars at all?  

18 Feb 2003 22:46
i do on my knee  

29 Dec 2003 01:49
yeah I two scars on my knees that I got from trying to drop in a quarter pipe 4 meters in the air  

30 Dec 2003 04:31
When I was starting to skate then when i wiped out either on street or 1/2 pipe I always skided on my elbows so know (3years later)I still have scars on both elbows.  

06 Feb 2004 20:01
I have 1 scar on my hip

1 on my elbow

and 2 on my knee  

09 Feb 2004 00:12
me and my skategroup get together on the weekends and the like"main trick" we do is a shuv it indy, and i plugged one in over a HUUUGE grass gap and it popped up when i landed and gave me a shinner i wont live down. It chipped the bone and i had a huge bump that extendended a full inch off of my shin! :x  

10 Feb 2004 06:58
ME!! 6 bruces from 1 night but ive only bin skateing for like 4 days

P.S. rookies dont go off a 12 ft jump!!  

07 Aug 2005 05:55

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