i want a new bike

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what is a good bike to buy for $200  

04 Dec 2005 23:05
there are only 2 for that price that i know of. the dk step up and the eastern traildigger '05.  

04 Dec 2005 23:51
go for the step up  

04 Dec 2005 23:52
i would suggest that. because my bro had a black traildigger and some black kid tried stealing it but he trashed it and then my bro got the orange one. the orange one has different dimensions and the paint is actualy red. so you dont know what you are getting when you order it.  

04 Dec 2005 23:55
theyre right you know  

05 Dec 2005 15:25
thx i figured those were nice i look at [url]www.danscomp.com[/url] any other places to look  

06 Dec 2005 01:26

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