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ive just started bladin and im not that good at it i want to now if anyone could help me out by telling me how to drop in :?: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:  

20 Feb 2003 10:28
its easy :roll: :roll: just put one foot on the coping then lean foward and put the other foot down  

23 Feb 2003 00:37
droping in is simple. i stand on the edge at the tp of th drop in then just fall foward but makesure you dont lean to far foward or you'll fall and dont lean to far back or you'll fall. simply stand on the edge and just fall foward. i learned how to do the flat banks first and that helped me loads and it helps you with your balance. i hope that helps you  

23 Feb 2003 11:00
I haven't been to a skatepark yet i have been skating for ages now but i got my first aggressive skates last christmas

i wanna learn to drop in and do some skatin at the park (i'm not that good on street but im OK...) and when ever i go skatin and find a play park i always go up the slide and "drop in" if u can call it that, (which i spose u can...) ~ i justtilt forward and skate down the slides no matter how high.........

do u think this is good practise or is dropping in on a mini or halfpipe feel different ~ or is it just completely different? lol...  

20 Dec 2003 19:10
i dont think goin down slides will help much with the techniques but it'll probably help you with the getting used to the heights part of vert inline. going down slides is more like going down a flat incline, ( a flat incline would prolly be better to start on too, you should just go to the skatepark and do flat inclines and watch other skaters also and you could ask them questions too. going down flat inclines and halfpipes are almost the same, but with going down a half pipe or quarter pipe your body/leg movement is totally different. But the way to drop in is, i put both grind plates on the grinding bar and just lean forward, and never lean back, and/or if they have a camelback at center of the pipe and a spine go over the camel back by pushing down for more speed on the inclines of it. when you get better at going down try pumping the half pipe more on the start (pushing downwards to gain more speed).
Thats pretty much all i got to say hope my tips helped you  

21 Dec 2003 12:03
Bacardi & Skatez4Eva, welcome to the boards peeps :wink:
Good points there Skatez4Eva...  

21 Dec 2003 13:30
is a flat incline the same as a flat bank or whatever, the normal ramps that don't curve?  

22 Dec 2003 12:12
yey i can drop in.!

i went to Greenam; Pigeon's farm skate park, there's not much there (4 foot quater pipe, big flat bank and a manual/grind box - also good for doing little grabs over., and a small grind rail and a little grind.. umm.. box.

anyway that's wher i learnt to drop in and that was last weekend..

the day after that i went too vicky park (newbury - victoria park) and i droped in on the 4, 5 and 6 fot but i didn't try the deep 6, well not just yet... there's a really bad review of vicky park and if i ever met the dude that wrote it i'd nock him out cos he disses bladers and newbury and the skate shop there and people in newbury ........anyway...

i'm going to the newish skatepark in weymouth for my m8s birthday on the weekend.. so ill try out some stuff there and tell yall how it goes..

4 now s'laTer!!  

19 Jan 2004 18:28
[color=cyan]One quesstion befor i go...

When i just learnt 2 drop in on a 4ft this guy said 2 lean forward but i dont think i did much, but i was ok...

and at victoria park there's 2 steep sixes (same as 6ft quaters but a little steeper┬┐)... well i was thinkin. wud i hav 2 lean forward when droping in alot more?/

i dropped in on a minic and came back down backward but leant 4ward and now my knee is skrewed[/color]  

19 Jan 2004 18:32
Yes when you are just leaning to drop in it is very advisable to lean all the way foward and bend you legs. Just do this and you can't really bail. All the lil kids i have taught to drop in have bailed and they said why. It was because they lent back.
Once you get better at dropping in all these ramps, you will learn to get your balance and you will not need to lean foward as much but that will come naturally over a while.

- Deshi  

27 Jan 2004 15:56
This guy at vicky skakepark dropped in and stumbled n him arm went under him and he wasn't wearing any protection or even lseeves so his arm was torn 2 shreds and the whole left sire of his face was ripped up and cut ...... so be careful, don't meen 2 put any1 off.... no but seriously it's kinda just (non) luck if u fall over when droppin in if u kow u can do it
, cos that day was really muddy and slippery...  

27 Jan 2004 18:03
[color=cyan]Wheres' the highest you've ever dropped in from?
Mine is (i've only just startdgoin to sk8parks 2 weks ago) a Steep Six[/color]  

27 Jan 2004 18:14
i can drop in a 8ft quarter pipe  

27 Jan 2004 19:06
new BMXer
start on a small quarter pipe when your on the flap (the top part) put one skate to the edge now put the other on lean forward for a sec then bend your knees and lean back just a little keep trying this if you cant get it  

02 Feb 2004 01:27
Its easy. The only hard part about dropping in is dont look at the pipe to long or youll freak yourself out. Just put both feet on the rail and lean forward but not to much or youll crate. It might take a few trys and thats fine. Once you get it down it becomes pretty automatic. If you feel confident after this you can try just dropping in by jumping in off the top of the pipe without the rail, youll get more speed and air. :mrgreen:  

21 Feb 2004 22:57

17 Sep 2004 02:34

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