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well, i have journalism in school and i recently had about 3 weeks to work on an article of my choice, but realy, who does things when they get them? lol, i sure dont. :D but anyways, i wrote a feature article on bmx and some of you guys might like it. and keep in mind it is dumbed down to a 5th grade reading level, because face it, amercians are idiots. and i had to mention the queer in it, because, well, he's well known.

[COLOR=Blue] [CENTER]Bicycle Motocross[/CENTER]
A new trend seems to have fallen upon us. Bicycle Motocross, also known as BMX has become big in the past few years. This is one of the many extreme sports that the youth’s of today are becoming interested in. Daring jumps and acrobatic stunts that “wow” the mind are making it big today in the sport known as, BMX.
BMX seems to have sprung up from nowhere, but however it has been around since the early 1980’s. The early pioneers to the sport, such as Dave Volker, Mat Hoffman and Rob Nollie have kept the sport alive and prosperous ever since the early days.
When the sport first started out, simple tricks such as a No-footer, a trick where you take your feet off of the bike while in the air, and a 180, a trick where you turn yourself and the bike around 180 degrees in the air and land reverse, were all that was needed to be considered “good”. Nowadays, even more complicated tricks have paved the way to a new end for this sport. These new tricks include insanely done combination tricks which combine more than one trick together such as a Backflip Barspin, a trick in which you flip upside down while spinning the bars 360 degrees around before landing, and the newest trick to the sport, Frontflips, the reverse of a Backflip.
When it comes to the bike that you will ride, not just any bike will do. Unlike the days of the past, where bikes were only around 200 or so dollars, today BMX bikes can go for upwards of $2000. Many new innovations have lead more expensive bikes, but in the long run, with all of the abuse the BMX riders dish out to their bikes, the money is well worth spent.
BMX has progressed a lot of just a short time. Going from a back-ally sport, to being considered a prime-time sport of today. With the creation of the X-Games in 1990, BMX has been looked upon as a sport, but not until the past years when the super stars of the sport such as Dave Mirra became widely known. [/COLOR]  

13 Dec 2005 04:45
you failed  

13 Dec 2005 15:31
i'm sorry dude but i just couldnt be bothered to read all that  

13 Dec 2005 19:44
i read it all, its pretty interesting  

13 Dec 2005 22:02
[QUOTE=bobe]you failed[/QUOTE]
i most likely did. but i hope not.  

13 Dec 2005 23:10
thanks to whoever reads it.  

13 Dec 2005 23:11
i likeit cause i care about bmx, the teacher doesnt  

14 Dec 2005 15:30
its pretty good
i hate writing though essays are boring as fuck  

22 Dec 2005 02:47
writing comes naturaly to me and that was an artical, not an essay. if it was an essay i probably would have done like 10 pages just for the heck of it. i've already niglected finishing my book and only typed out 1 of the 4 chapters i have so far. owells.  

22 Dec 2005 04:37

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