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anyone live in texas or have ridin there?  

26 Feb 2003 22:49
Uh, where in texas man? I'm in El Paso....  

04 Mar 2003 22:57
I'm in the Dallas County. But I'm the only BMXer i know where I live. Everybody else skates...IT SUCKS :x  

29 Sep 2003 15:50
Yea i kick it on the north side of houston and i know a few ppl that ride...theres some nice parks here if u can find them...and if u cant u could aways turn ur back yard in to a mini dirt part like i did.  

04 Oct 2003 01:21
i live in corpus christi and they are alot of bmxers here theres street and some dirt jumps but alot more street its fun down here  

11 Feb 2004 03:20
i live in a town called longview in east texas, about two or two and a half hours east of dallas
noone rides here
this town bl...oooOOOws  

07 Apr 2007 09:38

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