Death By Soda

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i found this cool website that will calculate how many of your facorite sodas you would have to drink in one sitting before you die.


itll take 120 red bulls to kill me  

20 Dec 2005 21:58
thats a pretty sweet site lol it'll take me 57 cans of no fear to kill me lol  

20 Dec 2005 23:54
it would take me 342 cans of barques root beer to kill me, but only 94 cans of red bull and 50 cans of no fear to kill me  

21 Dec 2005 13:12
man this site is addicting, i love it lol  

21 Dec 2005 22:08
is no fear like an energy drink too?  

22 Dec 2005 03:11
ya its an energy drink, i think it tastes better than red bull lol  

22 Dec 2005 03:22
i want to know how much water i would have to drink before i die  

22 Dec 2005 03:22
that would have to be a fuck load of water lol  

22 Dec 2005 03:33
i heard soemthing like water dissolves potassium. and potassium is what keeps all of the nerves in your brain running. so if you have no potassium then your brain isnt doing anything, so your heart stops and you die. thats how it kills you, it happens quicker then you think.

hey thats a random fact of nonsense  

22 Dec 2005 03:36
better put that in the thread then lol  

22 Dec 2005 08:09
7 up dosn't kill me....  

22 Dec 2005 11:11
people already know it now. its just a repeat  

23 Dec 2005 02:06

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