fun day today

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i found this cool ledge and i....

feebled to 180 on top of the ledge to 180 off
feeble to smith

it was loads of fun. but some how something happened to my brakes and there all wack : (  

27 Dec 2005 07:39
i bent my pedal using my ramp, but i had lots o fun too  

28 Dec 2005 00:54
ya well i had fun ridin on a icy road ......i think  

28 Dec 2005 01:23
today i made a landiingramp for the launch i made a few weeks ago it was so awesome but then i rode on it did a 180 and my back tire hit hard and just snapped the was shit stuff from a constructionsite so i didnt expet a long life anyways  

28 Dec 2005 13:03
i bmxed this new housing estate where i live, the curbs are really high so we could do 180's and stuff, and there was this cool pavement transfer that we jumped  

28 Dec 2005 23:38
i skateboard on those high curbs  

29 Dec 2005 00:34

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