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Hey Guys i wanna new bike

Hey guys I wanna buy a new bike I currently have a mongoose menace which is pretty dumb!

by Click   - 1 decade ago

Schwinn TJ lavin pro

I was chillin chillin at toys ar us, and i saw this old schwinn tj lavin pro model, like o

by I_RIDE_BMX   - 1 decade ago

how to do a 360 in the air, CORRECTLY!??

14 years old, bmxing for 6 months, can do a 180 and a feeble, but cant spin enough for a d

by fbm_tool   - 1 decade ago

help needed

iv only jus started BMX and i could really do with some tips on how to do the basics

by Emo   - 1 decade ago

What's the diff?

Hey, I wanted to know, what's the difference between a manuel and a wheelie? I always thou

by Emo   - 1 decade ago

You Lose Your Skill

i just started riding agian, i took a 2yr break form racing and riding freestyle and just

by GinoLicious   - 1 decade ago

How to cut down you bikes weight - the guide

Step 1: Take off your front brake its no need anyway. Step 2: Take off 2 of your pegs (t

by Lee_man   - 1 decade ago

dirt jumping trick tips

I need some tips for dirt jumping even tho my name is flatland.i dont no how to do any air

by Flatland   - 1 decade ago

need trick tips for flatland

need spme help wit my flatland tricks.plz send some tips and stuff.

by geryuu   - 1 decade ago

Cant grasp endos??

i can do like evrything else but and endo for some reason i suc up my legs and lean forwar

by geryuu   - 1 decade ago

Freestyle riding

Hey, I really want to get into freestyle riding. The problem is I don't know what meas

by I_RIDE_BMX   - 1 decade ago

Beginer looking for tips

Hi, I have only been riding about a week or so and I ride mostly street. I was wondering

by Condor   - 1 decade ago

new guy getting BACK into flatland!

ok here is a lil history of myself,, i used to ride back in the day when dennis "the

by terrible1   - 1 decade ago

I'm switching over

So, after blowing out my knee I've decided road isn't for me- its too boring and gives me

by terrible1   - 1 decade ago

What you do to clean your brake pads and rims..

reason im asking is because things have changed over the years,,, but what i used back in

by terrible1   - 1 decade ago

i need some help

I jus started to bmx ( did before but now i strted to do tricks), u see i can't do n e thi

by terrible1   - 1 decade ago


WHats up im getting into BMX and need some tips on Manuels. Nose or rear i dont care. Iv

by terrible1   - 1 decade ago

How to do flatland

I need help. I can't do anything on my bike so i was wondering if i should start out flatl

by terrible1   - 1 decade ago

Tech Help

I was changing something on the bike and ran into a problem. I was wondering if anyone kno

by terrible1   - 1 decade ago

wat tha?

hay, tis my first post and i got a new haro f3. 2day i was riding wen i realised that on t

by terrible1   - 1 decade ago

All around Riders...

Hey whats up everyone. In the forums some of you guys are arguing about what style of ridi

by terrible1   - 1 decade ago


I'm new to BMX biking and I well.....SUCK. I was wondering if you guys had any tips on bun

by terrible1   - 1 decade ago

check dates

i got a reply i wrote a whole rack of months ago, not to diss whoever replied, but it's ki

by terrible1   - 1 decade ago

Welsh Scene

hey yall, im from wales, in the UK, i need your help! im trying to get the underground rid

by volumebikeman   - 1 decade ago

BMXers near or in Rockville

any bmxers in or around rockville, i.m me aim s/n- sk 8e r jy n x

by I_RIDE_BMX   - 1 decade ago

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