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who has been climbing?

ive been a bunch of times on real rocks and in these rock gym plaes there pretty cool. the

by lampshade333   - 1 decade ago

Hitting a plateau?

So I am wondering...I climb on average twice a week. Usually once inside and once outside.

by almostaskater   - 1 decade ago

Back into it!!

Hey, I havent climbed for a year (sport climbed) I was really competitive for a while and

by almostaskater   - 1 decade ago

Parkour/Urban Climbing

I just saw this movie called district B13, it absolutely blew me away. I been climbing a

by healthjunky   - 1 decade ago

Gear Cleaning Techniques?

I have a big pile of gear, Grigi's, biners, and ropes, that have been sand abused all summ

by Jim McCrossan   - 1 decade ago

Klimb, Rock Climbing Performance Software

-REMOVED- Klimb is the first Rock Climbing Performance Software that analyses your climbi

by dvk   - 1 decade ago

Essential equipment for climbing

I am new to the sport and am interested in knowing about some of the equipment. What sort

by unsponsored   - 1 decade ago

What knot do you tie in with?

I myself use a double bowline for sport leads and take a lot of flack for using it. Anybod

by unsponsored   - 1 decade ago

Help on buying gear...

Hi! i am an intermediate climber with experience outdoors, i have done toproping for a whi

by Anonymous   - 1 decade ago

Smooth fingers

I don't remember where I read it but someone was having problems with their fingers losing

by Anonymous   - 1 decade ago

How do you beat the winter blues?

Winter is upon us (in the northern hemisphere at least) which means our outdoor climbing t

by Anonymous   - 1 decade ago

Dogs on climbing road trips?

I'm planning a sort-of cross country trip for 3 weeks in July. I want to bring my rott, bu

by Anonymous   - 1 decade ago

Campusing- How to get strong?

I use campussing to get stronger on my lock offs and body tension and find it a very usefu

by Anonymous   - 1 decade ago


I am curious about people's experiences with Glucosamine supplements. Positive, negative,

by Anonymous   - 1 decade ago