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Any sugestions on kickflipin?

I've been triin to do kickflips for a wile now and when i go to flip it my back foots alre

by sicktrick   - 1 decade ago

Is It Backside or Frontside?

Ok before you try to tell me hear me know when you do a bs flip?ok see now pretend

by sicktrick   - 1 decade ago

do u

have u got any pics with your self in action

by SK8R_2004   - 1 decade ago

Company logos

Tell me what do u guys think is the best logo. Me and my friends dissagree. I say Emerica.

by sk8r_bnmn   - 1 decade ago

Seen Stoked?

Has anyone seen the movie Stoked: The rise and fall of Gator? I hear the skate footage is

by katty   - 1 decade ago

What do the truck numbers mean?

Ok what do the truck numbers mean... like one number will be 5.0 and the other will be 7.7

by mullenmanrulestheland   - 1 decade ago

Skate vid name

hi everyone me and some mates are making a skate video, weve got all the film we need, but

by sk8r_bnmn   - 1 decade ago

halfpipe grinding

does anyone know how do grind on coping on the halfpipe i cant get up there i just pisses

by Ali_Cairns   - 1 decade ago

skate spots- long island, new york

n e 1 know of skate spots on long island, new york close to babylon, west islip or bayshor

by Bugout258   - 1 decade ago

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