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off season, SPINBOARD

I don't know if you know that new crazy thing but anyway, we are skaters and snowboarders

by jibb   - 1 decade ago

Tips For riding pipe

Hey im having some trouble riding pipe i can do almost every thing in the park ex.Kickers,

by calipunkerz   - 1 decade ago


Anyone know of a source to find jobs within the snowboarding industry? I am graduating wit

by calipunkerz   - 1 decade ago

Snowbombing Festival, Mayrhofen 2007!

If you're into your snow sports and your music, checkout Snowbombing 2007. . . . http:

by CC001   - 1 decade ago

Snowboard Frenzy Minnesota/Wisconsin!

This goes out to all the shredders of Minnesota and Wisconsin. Erik's Bikes and Boards h

by EriksBoardShop   - 1 decade ago!!!!!

:cool: Hi dudes, This is my 1st time so please be gentle!!:) ive just started board

by bertyboarder   - 1 decade ago

What the most embarasing thats ever happend snowboarding?

:oops: What is the most emarasing thing that you have ever dont while you were riding? :oo

by F.O.A.L   - 1 decade ago


hey if you want to train during the summer without goin to a mountain buy a trampoline and

by F.O.A.L   - 1 decade ago

Does anyone have any tips for doing rails?

Hey! I was just wondering if anyone has tips for doin rails ive never done them( :oops: )

by LlOyD_A7X   - 1 decade ago

Beginner Tips?

Yeah, it would be much appreciated if I could just get some basic tips for hitting jumps,

by lycan   - 1 decade ago

what's the worst fall u ever had

when i was in my 3rd year i hit a jump i did a nice indy 360 and fell they told me i went

by lycan   - 1 decade ago

OK Im looking for a product but have no clue what its called

OK on the mountain i always see some snowboarders with a strap around their leg. It looks

by dubl_a_ron   - 1 decade ago

How to keep snow off!

What could i put on the (TOP) of my board to like keep snow from sticking on it and drit f

by dubl_a_ron   - 1 decade ago

board size

i just started boardin and i want to buy a board. i am bout 6'1 and 235. how long does my

by LlOyD_A7X   - 1 decade ago

flow bindings good idea or bad?

I own some of these bindings and I was just wondering for you other snowboarders out there

by frosty   - 1 decade ago

help with spins?

i need some help with spinning. i can do 3's but i can't get any more rotation for a 5 or

by bobe   - 1 decade ago

Anyone Hear Of Burton Custom Bindings with 3 straps?

I have these bindings and everyone is like OMG I have never seen them. Does anyone know ho

by snowboard_kidd_51   - 1 decade ago

Bindings: step-ins or straps?

ok, step-ins or straps?

by snowboard_kidd_51   - 1 decade ago

Rails - lots of grinding?

Havent really heard 2 much about grinding and if it can damage your board or anything?

by snowboard_kidd_51   - 1 decade ago

F2 snowboards

i am considering of purchasing an F2 board, does anyone has any experience on these boards

by snowboard_kidd_51   - 1 decade ago

tips for a clean-non flailing 360

i keep trying to get a clean 360 but i always flail which causes my style to not be as gre

by snowboard_kidd_51   - 1 decade ago

new buyer

ok, so i just started snowboarding last year and last year i rented boots and a board. i'm

by snowboard_kidd_51   - 1 decade ago

switching edges

ok, this may be a stupid question. I can do most things when it comes to riding. but i

by Oh Shhit   - 1 decade ago

snow boardin season has arrived whos goin?

i know im not but i would liek to ihave a board sitting in my room getting dusty

by bobe   - 1 decade ago

first timer

hey guys im new to this forum i snowboarded for a year i usually just cruised down t

by Placeboality   - 1 decade ago

Weight managment

Hey I started taking larger ramps at my park's terrain park and am having trouble keeping

by SuperBob   - 1 decade ago

How to build a funbox

i want to build any easy ride on ride off funbox to practice new tricks on any suggestions

by Korn   - 1 decade ago

spin on rails

hey i need help with spinnig on the rails i can do anythhing elese but when i get on the r

by boarder-x   - 1 decade ago

help on rails

ok, iv got the hang on jumping no prob. but i tried my first rail last year and i sucked,

by boarder-x   - 1 decade ago


On ebay i found a 2001- 2002 Limited Transition Board for 119. I was wondering if Limited

by boarder-x   - 1 decade ago

how to land switch on a steep hill

Hey people i need some help. I have a pretty big cliff near my house ive been riding and t

by boarder-x   - 1 decade ago

Trying to impress

The problem with snowboarding forums is that everyone is trying to impress each other. Co

by boarder-x   - 1 decade ago

white face mt new york

white face was awesome this weekend. they had some wicked huge step downs. they also had a

by boarder-x   - 1 decade ago

Rossignol Boycot

Rossignol has pulled the plug on A Snowboards. Two years after buying it, with a projected

by Darin   - 1 decade ago

Any ideas where to get used boards from?

I am a member of the Big sister/Little sister program which helps underprivaledged kids ha

by HiG4s   - 1 decade ago

Anyone ride forum?

wuddup everyone?? I just got back into snowboarding after a few years off... just got for

by mtnsurfer121   - 1 decade ago


What is your worst injury while snowboarding? My would have to be a hair line fracture on

by mtnsurfer121   - 1 decade ago

question on rails

Wutsup every1, i just got a quick question. When u have a jump and a foot or 2 in between

by mtnsurfer121   - 1 decade ago

What board do you prefer?

I was just wondering what board you prefer riding and if you have tried other boards... I

by imported_2Guns   - 1 decade ago

tips for corked spins

i can do 5's and stuff but im having trouble corking them help me out

by deaftony777   - 1 decade ago


This is a question from a kid that loves to snowboard but has thoes cheap boards that you

by MrPhear   - 1 decade ago

How to build a good jump

I got problems getting the kicker in my bakyard more vertical than about 50°. Anybody got

by Jack_of_oregon   - 1 decade ago

snowboard bindings

can anyone tell me what kind of bindings these are?

by Maximus   - 1 decade ago

Craig Kelly RIP

I was extermely shocked to hear of the death of one of the sports legends Craig Kelly in a

by Lindsay   - 1 decade ago



by lizdamonki   - 1 decade ago

Question on renting equipment

i'm going to breckenridge on jan 4-9 and a friend is letting me borrow his snowboard. howe

by Punkindrublic_27   - 1 decade ago

Europe VS North America

Having only been to Canada i`m perhaps not in the best position to make judgement - but ha

by Anonymous   - 1 decade ago