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has anyone here actually surfed?

i did a few year ago i had a board and tuff i wasn't to bad any of the other regulars here

by RacerX   - 1 decade ago

what board to buy

hey guys and girls i curently ride a 7' 1'' board i have ben ride it for about two years i

by rincon_rider   - 1 decade ago

Those Crazy Auzzie Sharks

Sharks latest woe for drought-hit rural Australia SYDNEY, Australia (Reuters) -- Hungr

by Cutfeet   - 1 decade ago

Rip Curl Pro Search in Chile

Rip Curl Pro Search Chile Location: Isla Alacran, AKA Scorpion Island THE ASP World Tour'

by Stickyfings   - 1 decade ago


Hey people i need some help, i got into surfing a while back and decided to use my knowled

by RicanSurfer   - 1 decade ago

Surf Racks

I just started making some of the nicest board racks, and I'm selling them at wholesale pr

by RicanSurfer   - 1 decade ago

i wanna learn to surf...

Alright,im 14/f and i live in long island. i can skate well,i skim,and i want to get into

by SocialSuicide   - 1 decade ago

what is the worst

what is the worst injury you have had from surfing i got bit by a shark

by RicanSurfer   - 1 decade ago

Biggest Wave I have Ever Seen!

i found this video on an awesome surfing website. Check it out! The Biggest Wave I have

by RicanSurfer   - 1 decade ago

Surfing Photos Wanted!!

The BSA are setting up an animated photo gallery for surfers which appears through your sc

by localsurf   - 1 decade ago

Surf trip to Peru in March 2007

I'm a Peruvian surfer and guide currently living in Canada and I'm trying to get a group t

by surf-peru   - 1 decade ago

Roxy's "Shimmer" Premier

A fitting title for the film that proves the reflection of sun on surf is no match for Rox

by jackcampbell5   - 1 decade ago

Surf on Bintan Island ?

Hi. We are going to Bintan Island in Indonesia in May. I think it's not far from Singapore

by binsurfer   - 1 decade ago

Latin Pro Junior Manuel Selman

Right before the Latin Pros I was hanging out with Manuel Selman in the North Shores of th

by Mount Pellier   - 1 decade ago

Skimboard from Argentina!!!

Hi all! I've never seen too many or any Argentinian rider on this board, but maybe one day

by bobe   - 1 decade ago

surfboard storage

Hi, Does anyone know of long term surfboard storage in Oahu?

by cliffcrocker   - 1 decade ago


anyone been to australia? im looking to go there next year around this time and i dont eve

by MadCow   - 1 decade ago

Home Break ?

What is your home break, and how far do you live from it?

by rob   - 1 decade ago

skimboard kickflip

i want to learn how to kickflip on my skimboard, can u walk me through it ?

by rob   - 1 decade ago

New Surfer

Hey im a new surfer, and im looking for some tips. does anyone have some general tips for

by FutureFounder of SiCk Ind   - 1 decade ago

Oahu Surfboard rental???

Howdy, I'm off to oahu in the not too distant future and don't want to travel with a bo

by swimmer   - 1 decade ago

A question to all the surfers...

hey yall I was asked to write a lengthy paper about how surfing has effected America's cul

by t0kYo   - 1 decade ago

longboard v shortboard

Hi, I am writing an article and want to know what people think about the boards that they

by MurfdaSurf   - 1 decade ago

dimensions for my custom pueto board?

I am thinking about having a Brewer custom shaped with XTR blank and epoxypro glassing. I

by MurfdaSurf   - 1 decade ago

anyone wanna buy a wetsuit

hey anyone wanna buy a o'neill black and grey wetsuit for 45 its a good wetsuit i've only

by DaNk420   - 1 decade ago

can this be done? help....

hello, i need some honest options. last summer i took a few surfing lessons and they p

by Surfgirl1390   - 1 decade ago

Novice Board Surfer

"What size board should you rent?" This is EASY to answer - though I could ne

by Surfgirl1390   - 1 decade ago

Right board, right wave.

What board do you ride the most (specifically), and how do you rate it? The board I rid

by Surfgirl1390   - 1 decade ago

Whats your top?

The largest wave I have ever ridden is 9 foot. On the face flying down the line with my ri

by Anonymous   - 1 decade ago

Just started surf need help

well i just started surfing yesterday and i have MANY problems such as falling like anyoth

by xaznxpunkx   - 1 decade ago

Best way to learn

Hey I am wanting to learn to surf and I was wondering if anyone has any tips on how to go

by cimaruta_ivy   - 1 decade ago

What was your worst day surfing?

i've had a couple less than stellar sessions since coming off back surgery, that's for sur

by MrPhear   - 1 decade ago

At what size does a wave become dangerous?

Minus other elements (boards, rocks, ect.), at what size factor does a wave become dangero

by Anonymous   - 1 decade ago

Wetsuit question

For those who surf in cold water like I do...I have an O'Neill epic 5/3, 7 mil booties, an

by Anonymous   - 1 decade ago