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Need Buying Advice

Hey i just started wakeboarding at the beginning of the summer and have become convinced t

by lespaulguy000   - 1 decade ago

Need help getting up!

Hey everyone. I recently bought a wakeboard and i have trouble making the trasition betwee

by broncofan13   - 1 decade ago

How (did) I get up on a Wakeboard?

I need help getting up on the wakeboard. I managed to do it...once! When I was asked how I

by broncofan13   - 1 decade ago


yea i started wakeboarding with my friends board and i love it. i want to get my own board

by broncofan13   - 1 decade ago

2005 mastercraft Xstar

Anyone looking for a loaded xstar

by tdawg13   - 1 decade ago

problems carving and jumping

ok i can get up and do heelside carves all day but every time i go to toeside i seem to

by Volcomvt4533@yahoo.com   - 1 decade ago

Next Trick

What would be some good tricks or Ariel to do after getting the spins down. Suggestions?

by Volcomvt4533@yahoo.com   - 1 decade ago

wats the bes way to jump on a wakeboard and how? cheers

hi i have been wakeboardin a while and i am wondering wats the best way to jump and when?

by Volcomvt4533@yahoo.com   - 1 decade ago


I just starded wakeboarding today. I busted a whole bunch. My question is I have a ski boa

by Volcomvt4533@yahoo.com   - 1 decade ago

Wakeboard length question.

Hi everybody, Im new to wakeboarding but picking it up pretty quick since Ive been riding

by Volcomvt4533@yahoo.com   - 1 decade ago

help with landing 360

I've got everything down except the rope in my hand. I've tried it so many times. I guess

by Volcomvt4533@yahoo.com   - 1 decade ago

help with 360's?


by Volcomvt4533@yahoo.com   - 1 decade ago

king of wake

yeah .. looks like the liquid circus has the first result up !! and its tributes to brett

by bobby12   - 1 decade ago

portland tour stop this weekend ?

hey ... any of you heading out to see the portland tour stop ? you should ! if not,

by bobby12   - 1 decade ago

ATV pulling a wakeboard - video

I shot this footage last weekend. We ran a Honda Foreman along the beach and had a great

by Sombeech   - 1 decade ago

help w/ tricks

hey im fairly new to wakeboarding and yea it takes up most of my weekend. i need help gett

by burton12   - 1 decade ago

Your plans for the new season

i was just wondering what everyone else will be trying this season? a new trick, new board

by j_jaquette   - 1 decade ago

how do u launch off the wake?

hi im really new to wakeboarding but i can already do mute grabs and switches... i was won

by j_jaquette   - 1 decade ago

Wake Camp Spain

Just a quick note to all boarders.l Luiquid Force 2007 equipment, Malibu VLX boat and nice

by Ogre   - 1 decade ago

Transmission & Vdrive for sale

This Walter's V Drive was removed in good working condition out of our 2000 Malibu 23 LSV

by malibutansnc   - 1 decade ago

How do you do a HS Backroll?

I can clear both wakes pretty easily, and I want to learn how to do a HS Backroll. How do

by player138   - 1 decade ago

Blind 180

What would the best way to do this trick. I have the rotation and can land wake to wake. B

by player138   - 1 decade ago

Best trick ever landed by anyone?

What do you think the best trick ever landed by anyone is? a 1080? speedball? anyone?

by player138   - 1 decade ago

I need help with wakeboaring.

i just bought a neptune Impala wakeboard its 132 cm long and 36 cm wide its almost brandne

by LlOyD_A7X   - 1 decade ago

Binding Irritation

I just got a new board and some new bindings. The bindings are Hyperlite ERA and they are

by wannabewakeboarder09   - 1 decade ago

Ski Boat Wake

Hey everyone, i been wakeboarding behind a ski boat that throws out a pretty small wake fo

by AtTheZenith   - 1 decade ago

cable parks or schools.

hey every one. my name is dan and im from new zealand but shortly moving to australia for

by wake.con.au   - 1 decade ago

Any one have information on Scott Byerly?

Just wondering about his bio, and what do people think about him?

by Mayo   - 1 decade ago

Paradise Wake Skate with the Pros

Check out how the Pros came down to visit at the Dominican Republic and how they Ripped fr

by Mount Pellier   - 1 decade ago

New wakeboard & ski resort

Please check out our new wakeboard & ski resort in spain. [EDIT] thanks ant996

by ant996   - 1 decade ago

Help me decide on a board/bindings

Hey this year i started wakeboarding with some really cheap hyperlite that was under $100

by skateboarder   - 1 decade ago

what size wakeboard

i'm 6'3", 190ish maybe a little more. obviously i'm new at this but yeah :lol: ...wha

by b2dude   - 1 decade ago


Just bought a boat but it doesnt have a tower...I was wondering do you need to have a ski

by Kel_bel11   - 1 decade ago

confused about the names of tricks

K, i just started wakeboarding last summer and I wanna get into big this summer. Ive been

by schmitt   - 1 decade ago

In a hole

I like to wake. I tried it last year at my buddy's cottage and loved it. Since i have been

by GinoLicious   - 1 decade ago


hey wats up? looking at buying a boat in about a year and just wondering if anyone can mak

by danb239   - 1 decade ago

Busted knee...

I went wakeboarding 2 days ago and well, sort of twisted my knee really badly. One binding

by nutter   - 1 decade ago

What binding size should i get

I have the x-large Hyperlite Split Bindings and I have been having problems when I land wi

by danb239   - 1 decade ago

Front FLip and Toe side backroll

If you know how to do these leave a description below thanks...

by Anonymous   - 1 decade ago

I need info on a Board

Do you guys know if the CWB Inferno is okay? Does anyone here know where I can get a pi

by Primo   - 1 decade ago

Is it easier to Ollie on a Wakeboard then Skateboard?

my friend is learning to wakeboard but he cant ollie on a skateboard is it easier on a wa

by suttsydeal   - 1 decade ago

2003 O'brien custom 142

I found this board with link bindings for 300, but not sure if its even a good board...i s

by WakeTylerTx   - 1 decade ago

New Handle

What handle do u think i should get. I'm leaning towards the Belmont or premier? Any other

by Anonymous   - 1 decade ago

35 degrees, let's ride!

Well, it was 35 when I woke up this morning. Time to travel down to the Ouachita River in

by Anonymous   - 1 decade ago